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Marine Roofing Services Roofing Systems
Marine Roofing Services Cladding Solutions
Cladding Solutions

We offer architectural wall systems built of aluminum, copper, concrete, composite and virtually any other materials. Whether your building is institutional, commercial, industrial, or residential, we always have the right wall to cover you.

Wall Panel Systems

High-Density Fibre Cement Panels come in a wide variety of formats and colours, are environmentally sustainable and easy to maintain.

High-Density Stratified Timber Panels offer the beauty of natural wood finishes while providing superior building envelope performance.

Aluminum Composite Panels are lightweight, provide an exceptionally flat surface and are available in a limitless design of shape, colour and profile.

Plate Wall Panels are functional, efficient, and manufactured in stainless steel, copper and zinc.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing Systems

MR-675 is a 1¾” concealed fastener roof panel for installation over either open purlins or solid substrates.

  • 12″ to 18″ panel widths
  • Interlocking design with hidden fasteners
  • RCABC approved and roll formed to custom lengths

MR/S-150 (1½”) and MR/S-100 (1″) are concealed fastener standing seam roof panels for installation over solid substrates.

  • 12″ to 20″ panel widths
  • Excellent for curved roofs
  • RCABC approved and roll formed to custom lengths

MR-100 is a 1″ roof panel with a fastener flange for installation over solid substrates

  • 12″ to 20″ panel widths
  • Fastener flange for clipless installation
  • RCABC approved and roll formed to custom lengths
Repair Services

Our fully trained and equipped teams are prepared to minimize damage to your property and disruption to your business.

Leaks and other roof damage can happen without warning. If your roof is leaking then call 604 433 4322. A live operator will answer your call and direct your enquiry to our crews for immediate action – 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All calls are given top priority with our skilled crews ready to start work on any roofing emergency within hours. Depending upon the conditions, our fully trained and equipped teams will either apply temporary patches or full repairs to stop water ingress and minimize damage to your property and disruption to your business.

24/7 Emergency Repairs
Call us 604 433 4322
Marine Roofing Services Emergency Services
Marine Roofing Services Repairs Maintenance
and Maintenance

We customize our maintenance programs to the requirements of the building and needs of the client.


Mechanical upgrades and building renovations often require alterations to the roof system. Our skilled technicians are specially trained to handle these projects to ensure the integrity of the roofing system and continuity of any existing warranties.

Roof Maintenance

A properly implemented roof maintenance program will add many years of service life to your roof. With your roof system being such a significant investment that is subjected to deterioration from normal wear and tear, severe weather conditions and normal building movement, we believe in proactive roof maintenance to protect your building and its contents.

A well designed preventative maintenance program will minimize:

  • Expensive emergency repairs
  • Property damage
  • The compromising of existing warranties
  • Structural and interior damage
  • Costly business interruptions
  • Unsafe working conditions

Our customized maintenance programs come with written reports that are easy to understand. Your report will also include photos of the issues discovered onsite along with an assessment and our recommendations.