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We Value

Personal Relationships

We are a locally owned and operated family business, committed to providing our clients with the highest level of quality. We value our employees and place great emphasis on sustaining a working environment that encourages both personal and professional development.

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High Level of

Technical Expertise

Our highly trained and skilled team have the expertise, passion and commitment to safety to complete all commercial roofing projects no matter the size or complexity.

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Pride in Our


Our superior workmanship is a result of the training and education we provide to our team, and our commitment to excellence.

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Strong Attention

to Small Details

We are and continue to be industry leaders because of our attention to detail. As Lou Holtz says, “No detail is too small to escape close attention”.

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We Believe

in Quality

The exceptional team at Marine Roofing is key to the superior workmanship and top quality product that we deliver to our clients.

Make Roofing into

A Long-Lasting Career

Our excellent apprenticeship programs and hands-on training are the fast track to a financially rewarding professional career in the roofing industry. Roofing is a niche trade that is highly technical and well paid.


We will register you as an official apprentice with the Industrial Training Authority (ITA) and enrol you in an ITA-accredited school as well as pay for all schooling costs.


Apprentices get hands-on experience in the field and ongoing mentoring from experienced workers. On the job training prepares you for a steady and fulfilling career.


We are a stable, team focused company who value personal relationships and provide excellent benefits to our staff (many who have worked with us for 20+ years).


You will obtain certification after 3 years of attending apprenticeship school for 4 weeks (roofing) or 6 weeks (architectural sheet metal) per year with Marine Roofing.

ICI Roofing and Architectural

Cladding Specialist

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Roofing Systems

We have the expertise and knowledge to install your roof system in a safe and efficient manner.

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Emergency Services

Our teams are prepared to minimize damage to your property and disruption to your business.

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Cladding Solutions

We have the proven expertise required to turn your architectural concept into reality.

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Repairs & Maintenance

We customize our maintenance programs to the requirements of the building and needs of the client.