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The Marine Roofing Group is committed to leading our industry with superior value, performance and service. We provide all members of our team with the ongoing training and mentorship that is required to develop elite trades people and construction professionals.

People are our most valuable asset. We are committed to providing leading edge training and guidance to ensure the safety of our team, clients and the general public.
Delivering results. We are committed to the successful completion of quality projects while providing industry leading safety and management, and hold ourselves accountable for the results.
Pride in our work is the driving force behind every aspect of our business. We practice a culture of excellence by providing our team with continual training and support at all levels.
Bold leadership is a pillar of our philosophy. We actively pursue complex projects and embrace creativity while treating our clients, employees and suppliers with respect.
Marine Roofing About Our Mission
Marine Roofing About We Are Committed To Health Safety
“I have been with Marine for 12 years now and plan to be with them until retirement.  They are like a second family to me.  Marine has supported me through the years with continuing education and training that I don’t think I would get elsewhere.  Marine is unique in that we are very professional but still a fun company to work for.  Great company and great people.”
“I have been at Marine for 30 years come this July, and there are several others with as many, or more years of experience here. There is a good reason why we have so many long term employees. It begins with a strong ownership group who care about their workers, the safety and safe work of and the quality of workmanship that they provide. THAT, in my opinion, is what makes us a leader in our industry.”
“At Marine, there’s a lot of hard work and few egos, the hard work never goes overlooked. Everything you do gets returned to you ten-fold.”