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Preparing Your Roof for Winter

21 Oct, 2013

The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping so now is the time to be proactive in order to prevent potential costly winter problems with your roof. Accordingly, we at Marine Roofing Repair & Maintenance Service (2003) Ltd have prepared a following check list to assist you in your efforts.

  • Check ceiling and interior walls for any signs of leakage. It is important to take the time to seal all roof leaks before the winter weather sets in, as leaks become more difficult to trace and costly to fix.
  • Check roof deck and flashings for any signs of deterioration. Check expansion joints for signs of excessive movement and splits, or thin sections of membrane, and deteriorated caulking of loose metalwork. The cold weather will have an exasperating effect on loose building materials, resulting in the creation of water or wind access points into the facility.
  • Check all penetrations on the roof such as vent pipes and pipe boots. Check flashings for any areas of deteriorated caulking, or voids in the caulking. Any point of air or water infiltration needs to be checked and restored to a properly sealed condition.
  • Check and clear all gutters, downspouts and scuppers. Clean out all drains, making sure that all drains are working properly. Check all strainers and clamping rings. Drainage problems in the winter months become a harbinger of future roof failure.
  • Check the roof membrane and redistribute all ballast across any bare spots. Check for tears and/or holes in the membrane and have them repaired promptly.
  • Check all base flashing and counter flashing attachments.
  • Paint any rusted metal penetrations and check all metal copings. Make sure that all coping joints are intact and there are no signs of deterioration.
  • Remove all loose debris from the roof surface.
  • Remember as colder temperatures arrive, the membrane roof system will become harder and less flexible and therefore more acceptable to damage by puncture or sharp objects.
  • Inform all personnel that walking on a membrane roof, or modified roof, is dangerous during the winter. Ice forms on the roof surface and can create fall hazards. Set up safety features to be followed by staff when accessing the roof during hazardous winter conditions.
  • Remember if you need assistance you can always count on Marine Roofing Repair & Maintenance Service (2003) Ltd. Help is just a phone call away at 1.604.433.4322