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Innovative Cladding Solutions

Over the past two decades, buildings have become more architecturally pleasing to the eye as well as more energy and environmentally efficient thanks to the availability of new wall paneling systems. These new systems are complex and require a high level of expertise to install them correctly.

Marine Roofing has the proven expertise required to turn these architectural concepts into reality. We offer wall systems in aluminum, composite materials, copper, stainless steel, titanium, zinc a well as other materials to meet your diverse needs. Whether your buliding is commercial, industrial, or residential, we always have the right wall covering for you.

Composite Panels

Fibre Cement Panels

We offer a comprehensive selection of high quality fibre cement panels. This product offers practically limitless design opportunities as it comes in a wide variety of formats and colours. The product is artistic and environmentally sustainable. It is easy to maintain in pristine condition and as a result helps you preserve your building's value.

Terracotta Panels

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles offer unparalleled opportunities in terms of colour, finish and panel size. They are perfect for buildings of any height as they are strong, durable and light.

High-density Stratified Timber Panels

This paneling system offers the beauty of natural wood finishes which when paired with a ventilated rain screen façade and a permeable weather barrier, provides superior building envelope performance and great aesthetics.

Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP)

ACP is a resin or fire retardant core sandwiched between two thin layers of aluminum. It is lightweight and provides an exceptionally flat surface. The colour, design, shape and profile of these panels are only limited by your imagination.

Plate Wall Panels

Our plate wall panel systems offer multiple design opportunities. They are functional and efficient when combined with a vented rain screen. The panels normally come in aluminum but can also be made from other materials such as stainless steel, copper or zinc. These panels are non-combustible and durable, providing many years of architecturally pleasing service.

Panel Assembly Systems

The thermal performance of a wall assembly system can have a significant impact on the energy required to heat or cool the building it covers. Our panel assembly systems have been proven to substantially increase the R value of building envelopes thereby helping your building meet ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 – 2010 requirements.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Our standing seam metal roofs are visually attractive and provide superb protection for your building even in the most severe weather conditions. We provide panels that are rolled in continuous lengths, curved or tapered. We use concealed clips when installing the panels to allow thermal movement while maintaining structural integrity.


MR 675

MR-675 is a 1¾" concealed fastener roof panel for installation over open purlins or a solid substrate with underlayment.

  • 12" to 18" panel widths
  • Roll formed to custom lengths in 24 gauge
  • Interlocking design with hidden fasteners
  • Available in pre-painted steel, galvalume, galvanized & aluminum

MR/S 150 & MR/S 100

MR/S-150 (1½") and MR/S-100 (1") standing seam concealed fastener roof panel for installation over solid substrates

  • 12" to 20" panel widths
  • Excellent for curved roofs
  • Roll formed to custom lengths in 24 gauge
  • Available in pre-painted steel, galvalume, galvanized, aluminum, copper & zinc alloy

MR 100

MR-100 is a 1" roof panel with a fastener flange for installation over solid substrates

  • 12" to 20" panel widths
  • Roll formed to custom lengths in 24 gauge
  • Fastener flange for clip-less installation
  • Available in pre-painted steel, galvalume, galvanized & aluminum